The Rosscourt Bournemouth

Springtime in Bournemouth 2020


This lockdown certainly seems to have bought nature into its own, in just a few short weeks. The sea has been beautiful, the birds have been singing away from dawn 'till dusk. The sand has been swept back onto the beach and the crabs have been around. 

Luckily for us the seafront was pretty clear this weekend. some people enjoying themselves but the majority did stay away. Our car parks were busy but not full. Social distancing seems in most peoples minds a distant memory. I find it incredible that people can walk in groups of 4/3 towards you and never move out of your way. women with pushchairs meeting up for a natter and walking together. Drives me nuts.

We have been having a walk everyday and trying our best to clock up 10,000 steps a day to keep the pounds off and feel good, enjoy the outside space. The weather has been so beautiful and it is such a massive shame we could not be open, suspect it would have been a busy start to the year.

Some of our restaurants are now operating a good take away and delivery business and offering really lovely food. Fish and chips or pizza on the beach yesterday. We have not had a takeaway as I don't want top put extra weight on, so have cooked ourselves. Salads when it has been really hot.

So lucky that the supermarkets are keeping us fed and watered. Not too much of an issue shopping now. Have found early morning or lunchtime is the best.

Stay safe and look forward to seeing you all soon